CFD Trading Tools

Trading is not just about strategy. It is also about arming one’s self with the right tools so that the best trading results are obtained. CFD trading tools are the materials and resources which enable traders to trade CFD assets profitably.

Here are some examples of some of the CFD trading tools available in the market today:


If you want to succeed at CFD trading, a virtual private server is a must-have. A virtual private server is a remote computer which allows you to keeps your trades running even when your parent computer is off or is experiences some downtime.

If you trade from Western countries where things like steady internet connection and fast broadband internet is available, these things could be taken for granted. But if you live in some parts of the world where fast internet access is still an issue, then the use of a VPS for your CFD trading is actually a lifesaver. There is nothing more frustrating than experiencing a network downtime while in the middle of a CFD trade. A VPS saves you the trouble. By connecting your parent computer to a remote one, all your trades can be handled with an EA even when your parent computer is off. Also, copy trades can still continue on your account if you are signed up for such a service.

Market Data Tools

Market data is an essential ingredient that provides information on which trades can be based. The CFD trading tools kit cannot be complete without a source of market data. Such market data can either be action analysis, full-scale technical analysis or news data. A range of market data tools exist. These range from the economic news calendar, to various daily market analyses as provided not just by CFD brokers but also by third-party providers.

Professional Charts

Chart construction is a key component of technical analysis. It is essential that all CFD traders have this essential CFD trading tool so they can analyze trends and cycles on charts and know exactly what to do with respect to trade entries and exits. Charts have inbuilt tools and indicators which aid technical analysis. Some CFD brokers provide charts as part of trading platforms, but there are third-party providers that provide standalone charts with various functions that go beyond what is available from CFD brokers.

The snapshot shown above is a full Fibonacci analysis from the Motivewave charts of a US broker (Oanda). These kinds of standalone charts can perform a full range of technical analysis and aid the trader in making informed trade decisions.

Educational Resources

Perhaps one of the most important CFD trading tools a trader can have is educational resources, which come in the form of educational videos, webinars, ebooks and articles (such as this one). You can have all the tools and strategies in the world, but you have to know how to apply these tools correctly. This is what educational resources do for you: they teach you how to use these tools and how to apply them to various CFD assets. Sign up for newsletters, webinars and download ebooks to learn all you can about CFDs. These are perhaps the best CFD trading tools of all.